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A picture speaks a thousand words.

A picture speaks a thousand words.

And I do much better with images than pondering over the written word much of the time.

So I’ll keep it short and sweet.

What you see below on the outside, is exactly what is happening to my whole body and life.

Daily powerful rebirth of my cels and matter and connection to the life force that rejuvenates.

We are so powerful and to have this tiny device supporting me WAY beyond the limits of my own knowledge and capacity to see my own patterns and shift them so rapidly.

We don’t NEED anything but our divine connection and to be honest, because of all my body issues, my connection can feel disconnected as I evolve and transmute and do the alchemy of my shamama BEING.

I am a single mama with two little boys, and I’m rebirthing my vision of loving and being loved and I’m deep dive in visibility and presence for the many who and look to my own example of organic leadership to remember and embody theirs.

This tiny hand held device gives me the permission to relax into my own self care and awareness in an easy and delightful way, merging seamlessly into my life that already is miraculous and expansive. It is an extension of who you already are and merely accelerates and collapses time to allow your full integration and embodiment more rapidly.

Which is exactly what I do for my clients in my focused and devoted transformational containers!

What a blessing to have in your pocket on your phone!!!!!

I can’t even begin to share the incredible alchemy and transformation happening in this Healy world and I urge you to follow your jnution and explore this as soon as possible if  you are drawn to the understanding that you are a powerful creator within, and you trust the vision expanding and birthing within you daily!

This image is a visual 3D understanding of what it means to combine




Above and below


Ask me about it!!

Own your frequency cuz YOU are the miracle!!

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What you got today?

What you got today?

I am feeling the wisdom of the hermit right now.

It feels good to walk away from people, places and situations that aren’t aligned to who I feel GOOD and be inside WHEN IM BY MYSELF.

I have lived so many moments in a false cage of co dependent connection to someone who isn’t truly aligned or desiring THE REAL ME.

Where you feel like you’re walking on eggshells, or might get snapped off at any minute, SO you shift and squash your heart to stay “safe” and in a box of I don’t know what with people ...

I’m focused.

I’m in it.

I show up for each day with creativity and love in mind.

And I get to be myself by choosing consistently compassion and curiosity for myself and you.

And releasing time and focus I spend with those of you who need shades I’m so bright.

The sun doesn’t shut off, you wear sunscreen and adjust accordingly.

Our soul luminance is ELECTRICITY we were born to transmit and BE.

Find your expanse and get LIT with your own soul energy and let the people, places and things go that want to suck off of you, or hold you back down in “safety”, keeping you from your own vision and being.

That’s YOU holding yourself back from your own magic and power. Let that go and undulate and breathe into all of you.

And for those of you who put on your shades and you had to git along, no shade for you here honay. Do ya thang.

I’m busy shining in beingness and creating wealth, health and LIFE from this inner joy and expression of the big Love that naturally lives inside of me.

Can’t steal it. Can’t siphon it. Can’t suck it. Can’t shut it down. It IS. I AM.

I offer deep forgiveness and high heart expansion energy and embody this DEEP TRUST WITHIN. YUMMY.

I love you please forgive me thank you I’m sorry byeeee.

Own your frequency! And yep me yours today.

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STOP COMPARING yourself to others!!! A Valtopia Reminder

STOP COMPARING yourself to others!!! A Valtopia Reminder

STOP comparing yourself to others to dive deeper into self mastery and success FOR ALL.

If you’re comparing your results to others and justifying or not who you be in comparison to YOUR perceived idea about what they have or don’t have as compared to you, and then crafting a story for yourself about WHY you don’t compare to ANYONE else, STOP!

You’re missing the whole powerful life changing you came for this lesson!

If someone’s perceived privilege, mental health, capacity to freedom or WHATEVER becomes a new limit that stops you from reclaiming your own freedom and self mastery BECAUSE YOU ARE COMPARING yourself to something OUTSIDE of yourself just STOP. 
YOU ARE THE MIRACLE in tune with your own highest alignment and receiving of your own divine connection. All the parts and pieces of you that you haven’t accessed or you’ve suppressed or you haven’t even tapped into yet FAR SURPASS anybody else’s “stuff” because you were BORN AS YOU. NOBODY ELSE KNOWS what you know and be. They might be able to guide you or support you to dive in there deeper and have more clear access. But you were born to be YOU. 

NO STORY TAKES THAT AWAY unless you let it.

The secret sauce is you excavating and distilling and expressing and being the elixir of you!

Fuck the stories, stop the comparisons and find people and experiences and books and music and art and support that BRINGS you back to you and what is INSIDE of you. Exactly as you are right now. With all your perceived limitations you came with. That IS the work and ego will trip thinking that’s the LAST thing you need to do. 
I spent a lifetime (50 here) thinking I was too short, too fat, too loud, too hyper, too ugly, too weird and settled into many situations my perceived limitations “allowed” me to be in. Yes people had pointed out these “limitations” and comparisons to me. Then I took them on. Then I let myself by stopped by them. It took a lot to jar me loose out of those and I’m still working on it every day.
The coaches that guided me the MOST have been through a FUCKTON of abuse, poverty, ridiculous mental issues and pain AND ROSE UP FROM WITHIN. They have been white AND black, came up from nothing (hello welfare mom who lifted herself up beyond crazy stuff) and were just not typical beings at all, though they have begun in very typical circumstances most would deem LIMITED. They persevered through terrible hardship to reclaim their own LIFE. 
If you don’t nobody else does. Not until you do. And blaming the system, or others BECAUSE YOU ARE COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS AND JUDGING keeps you right where you don’t wanna be. 
That’s been my experience and the only thing that sets me free again and again is to come back to myself and divine love. 
If this doesn’t resonate for you, carry on. 
If it does lemme know below! I’m here to light up with you and remind you how to get INTO YOU in a way that ripples DEPTH AND IMPACT far beyond you in a divinely powerful way.

Love YOUR frequency you are the miracle!!


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For the powerful entrepreneurial leader, creatrix, inspirational guide

ready to earn $25K plus monthly

integrating your Spiritual gifts FULLY into business and life.


Anything you've ever experienced before.

This experience is NOT for quitters, half in half out. 


Is this for absolute beginners to spiritual learning and energy?

It is best to check in with Val if you’re JUST BEGINNING but there is nothing you really need other than an open mind, heart and willingness to get to know yourself better and to resonate with my energy and what I’m offering. However, there is a level of self mastery, commitment and investment you must meet to join this particular Valtopia experience.

Is this for expert master energy spiritual gurus?

YES. If you love intuitive sound frequencies, light language, intuitive readings that let you know about your energy, experimental and are looking for new way for you to shift into an even deeper state of mastery, there is healing and magic for you.

Will I know my future - is this fortune telling?

NO. You are learning about your own body, mind and spiritual energy in and around you so as to feel confident in your own ability to feel kickass daily. THIS will bring you a great future if you stick to what you find works for you and allow yourself to immerse and embody in the experience. However, many clients have shifted into a much deeper psychic and extra sensory awareness through this work.

Will you clear past life energies and patterns?

Yes - we will learn to see, address and release them through this experience together.

Will you clear inner child energies and patterns?

Yes - we will learn to see, address and release them through this experience together

Will I be healed forever from this experience?

You are whole and healed and you will remember so much of yourself during this experience. The shifts and transformations are different for each individual and where they are in their life experience. This powerful experience will deepen as you allow yourself to immerse in it. That is the beauty of the in person events being offered.

Will I make a return on my investment in this experience?

Your FULL BODY YES activation in your life is PRICELESS - feeling at home in your own being, being decisive and magnetic and living your life aligned and activated like never before will change everything for you.

 If not in money immediately, for sure in energy and self love and awareness. Your ability to tune in deeply, rapidly and shift in an instant, no matter the circumstances is an irreplaceable and powerful tool - we will learn many in this experience and develop new ones!

Will I have access to Val one on one in this experience?

In the group, you will live exchange, depending on what is being channelled through in the fb group and Val will be present and responding to all group discussions.You can book in for a private 20 minute one on one and have access on voxer for support between the in person events.

Will I have access to all the files after the experience is over?

If the  experience is live and running while we do it the content will be recorded and put into the membership site.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for during the experience?

You will need to be present, listen to the materials provided and follow any journal prompts or exercises that come through. Each transmission will build upon the last creating a whole immersive transformation. 

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