Book in for YOUR Valtopia REBOOT session and return to your FLOW
Book in for YOUR Valtopia REBOOT session and return to your FLOW




REALLY!! YOU DO GET TO HAVE IT ALL I used to get peeved by these posts proclaiming the above. I almost wrote ‘hate’ but that felt too strong, because I never let myself fully acknowledge how frustrated I was that others were bursting through certain levels of awareness and aligned financial breakthroughs and I wasn’t....
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This is for the cosmic boss lady who has MADE

it to the most elusive target financially that she’s ever been able to.

She has leaped beyond scarcity and ancient programming and surrendered to her divine flow and she has “MADE IT” financially, health wise, wealth wise

she knows a level most don’t.

Now what?

She wonders if it will last.
She wonders how to keep it going?
Is she really in alignment?
Couldn’t she do this more efficiently? More naturally?
And would she get over her visibility and huge impact fears already?

She’s pushed through so many limitations and is a

TRUE visionary powerhouse.

She learned the long hard way how to

reinvent and

time and again

and it’s all finally coming together.

Or is it?


She keeps drifting back into a place of self doubt,
fear of being seen, uneasiness with the level of visibility and growth she keeps being called to.

How far will this go?

Is this truly her aligned soul purpose passion path?

And is she really as tapped in and turned on as she hopes to be deep inside?


If this is you, you want so desperately to

Own your worth

Stand in your value

Commit and be certain

Become grounded and centered

Find your sass

Believe in your BOLD BADASS

Back yourself in all your divine disruption

Forget the how and find your flow

Be more YOU

Leave toxic energy drains behind

Feel attractive and Become super magnetic

Deepen your cosmic connection

Expand your spiritual gifts (seeing, hearing, knowing, feeling)

Learn simple techniques of energy mastery that are life changing and powerful

Receive fresh cosmic guidance as it flows through

Be supported and activated to your highest and most limitless creativity and vision


Right now you so badly want to feel SOLID, CERTAIN and CLEAR on your own soul guidance.

You don’t ever want to be driven by fear again, and desire to stay in the flow of your heart and throat opening up to the world expressing all of your authentic divine wealth, health and freedom!

You want to


like the cosmic badass you truly are 

you want to SHINE and LIVE EPIC moments

and really enjoy them and be present and powerful in your life.

You want to

without anxiety, questioning, and


You have just poked your head up and out to a brand new layer of creation and being for you.
It is miraculous and terrifying at the same time.

You are thrilled but know you may be sabotaging your success with your old fears and confusion
creeping back up on you.

How did you get here?

Is it a fluke?

How can you leave behind so much of what you know, even after you’ve been through it over and over.

How come you keep coming back to this place of self doubt and worry?

You know wonderful techniques to stop this madness - you teach this for your tribe and clients!


You need and have called in the


This IS your invitation to finally breaking through to frequencies that allow you to embody the vibration of

celebrity status, global impact, empire building massive wealth, health and freedom

It is, after all, about your vibration and frequencies,
and some of the most hidden programs are buried in our very DNA.

That is why you need a cosmic activatrix to tune in with
divine assistance and unlock our soul family codes
that will allow you
to release ancient history,
child hood wounds,
rewire funky programming that is no longer aligned
and to truly




of your epic vision.


That is MY natural genius gift that is so easy for me.

This work unfolds how it is meant to for you,
and from your uncertainty,
you will know how

to investigate your worst fears and doubt
with expert
multimillion dollar tools
and cosmic wisdom that only
can access

through the techniques you will unlock
in our experience together.


If only you could surrender
even more deeply to your intuition,
or to even begin to truly integrate
all of you and your gifts
you’ve been discovering about yourself.
You desire to integrate into a unified and embodied self that you feel truly expanded about and connected to.

Your vision is huge and you are always open to an even more powerful immersion
into your highest self and being.

If you don’t sign up right now

you will miss this unique and inspired moment
to answer your soul family call to
join a movement of creative badass cosmic preneurs
owning their frequencies and bringing through the shift we all so desire in our lives to
more ease,
more flow,
more connection,
more creation,
more cash,
more compassion,
more clarity,
more cosmic badassery and visionary baller magic.

Life is short and you’re the boss now
of how you decide to be in each moment.

The gap can feel overwhelmingly daunting or can trip you up as you go.

and don’t be left behind when the Valtopiasphere train of those who did light up and create from within
EPIC style,
receiving epic results in all areas of life.

Facing the fear and finding the flow,
daily, time and again in a colorful,
engaging and stimulating way.


You’ll miss  the 2019 one of a kind private Valtopia stream of visionary creative transformational art, inspired by YOU and our journey together. Epic, Iconic, a time gone by documented into what comes through for us. 

The guided audios, the toning, the sound baths, the music, the theme songs, the simple and hilarious cosmic updates, the in ya face, shift ya whole fuckin’ day card pulls,
beach streams,
live concerts,
in person retreats that will literally blow your mind open

as well as realign, center and magic up your mojo full on

- talk about rebirth -

each and every moment wakes us up to more of who we are and together we will light up the cosmos in our


Early Bird and Bonuses

The early bird rate on this is outstanding don't miss out.

An application must be submitted and reviewed before you can purchase admission to the circle.

The bonuses  for first to sign up are outrageously EPIC

and our time together begins the moment you submit your inquiry for review

(DM serious inquiries only)

If you don’t sign up now, you will miss this chance to spin in the vortex of
sexy hawt magnetic abundance and flow of our

Valtopiasphere Powerhouse Inner circle,

you’ll miss the decisive impact
of choosing for yourself the turning point when you went
from star to supernova,
rocker to rockstar,
internet celebrity to FAMOUS

your time begins as soon as you and I co-create this container of POWERHOUSE together.

I am fully trusting in our divine higher presence to stream through
the most activating and life transformational streams,
however it is meant to come through and of us.

Do not miss this opportunity to excavate , release and activate in a way
no-one else will guide you.

These retreats and experiences will be one of a kind, divinely guided, in tune with cosmic events,
designed to assist you in maximizing your own extra sensory gifts,
natural divine prosperity and to not only be so fucking inspired you
can’t NOT get to your true purpose work,

but to learn how to tackle and triumph through all the scary and doubtful moments you fall down, doubt yourself and wonder wtf you’re even doing with your life.


Following your dreams and flow involves fighting for your own vision, mainly with yourself.

Every day we find more cosmic, expanded, infinite,
EPIC ways to choose our moments.
I choose BOSS cosmic badass fiery feisty full on fucking fantastic
Rich hot badasses of the COSMOS to join us here in the Valtopiasphere.

Allow yourself to experiment and have a brilliant mirror
to reflect back your most illuminating, easy for you, genius for others, lit up and inspired self.


I won’t let you through any of my experiences without truly BEING with yourself in a way you’ve never seen or known,
and that alone,
shifts so much within, expansion happens every time.

I am not attached to your results, as these choices are YOURS to make,
and the sooner we can begin playing together we can begin completely expanding into levels of you
that you’ve ALWAYS dreamed of expressing
or even identifying,

but haven’t been able to.

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