A picture speaks a thousand words.

And I do much better with images than pondering over the written word much of the time.

So I’ll keep it short and sweet.

What you see below on the outside, is exactly what is happening to my whole body and life.

Daily powerful rebirth of my cels and matter and connection to the life force that rejuvenates.

We are so powerful and to have this tiny device supporting me WAY beyond the limits of my own knowledge and capacity to see my own patterns and shift them so rapidly.

We don’t NEED anything but our divine connection and to be honest, because of all my body issues, my connection can feel disconnected as I evolve and transmute and do the alchemy of my shamama BEING.

I am a single mama with two little boys, and I’m rebirthing my vision of loving and being loved and I’m deep dive in visibility and presence for the many who and look to my own example of organic leadership to remember and embody theirs.

This tiny hand held device gives me the permission to relax into my own self care and awareness in an easy and delightful way, merging seamlessly into my life that already is miraculous and expansive. It is an extension of who you already are and merely accelerates and collapses time to allow your full integration and embodiment more rapidly.

Which is exactly what I do for my clients in my focused and devoted transformational containers!

What a blessing to have in your pocket on your phone!!!!!

I can’t even begin to share the incredible alchemy and transformation happening in this Healy world and I urge you to follow your jnution and explore this as soon as possible if  you are drawn to the understanding that you are a powerful creator within, and you trust the vision expanding and birthing within you daily!

This image is a visual 3D understanding of what it means to combine




Above and below


Ask me about it!!

Own your frequency cuz YOU are the miracle!!

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