Are YOU a glorious oracle, messenger, visionary leader of this huge evolution we CHOSE to embody??

I am so grateful I didn't let the people  in my life who happened to be around me determine what feels true and resonates for me.

I didn't let myself trust myself easily, as I wanted to please and BE the same as those around me. No matter how much of a "nice" person, good girl I may have tried to be, I simply never fit in, nor did I abandon my own authentic perception.

I felt "weird, wild and WONK" for so long, because most of the people around me did not believe in and support the same deep feels and knowing that I've always had.

I suppose because it does run deep, I was able to stay the course and allow my old self to evolve and integrate into my TRUE self, which believes a whole lot of things that many people "in real life" do not.

I am reminded of this because this morning my dad and I got into a discussion and he called my views "bullshit".

That's how he responded to me as a young woman as I forged my way into the world as an artist. I spent many years in resistance to just being the wild creative person that I am (and how I've finally actually made more money than I ever thought possible back then by doing and being the weirdest most creative aspects of myself.)

He supported me tremendously in the ways that felt right and good to him, and he made no bones about how "stupid" or "cheesy" he believed anything that wasn't in alignment with his "real" view.

I love my family and honor their love too.

AND I LOVED myself through their disbelief of what IS indeed my reality.

It took me far too long to fully 100% believe in and back myself, though I often was quite immersed and know that I transcended MUCH to fully embody the being I am now.

You are a being, and what you believe, speak and BE is your experience.

How this isn't completely evident and taught to us from day 1 still shocks my soul.

I am here to remind us of our BEINGness in all of its glory.

From the core of the earth, through our hearts and being to the cosmos.

Why on earth and in the heavens would we think we are separate from the total extension of our frequency along ALL of our being?

Does an animal not be tuned into all of the elements and cosmos? Do plants not root into the ground, transmit of and through themselves and connect to the sun?

Oh yeah - it is because we've been literally CAPPED within our DNA to perceive only a fraction of who we truly are and BE.

We are powerful beyond measure to BE the energy of creation that shifts DIMENSIONS NOW.

Figure it out - open up to it - and if you're like my dad and all you can do is scoff, smirk and shut down any curiosity or exploration of YOUR OWN FUCKING SELF? in anything beyond what you've been taught or "permitted"??

Calm down and get curious about why you're so pissed off about tapping into your own deepest opportunity to love and support yourself and your fellow beings in THIS life right here, right now.


Are YOU a glorious oracle, messenger, visionary leader of this huge evolution we CHOSE to embody??

Are you ready to merge more fully your split self and to honor, love, cherish and LEAD with the frequency of your highest resonance along all of you?

I have invested thousands of dollars and hours of time to lift off those caps, undo the seals and integrate and embody far beyond the shell of a being I used to be. The beliefs, programs and ideas that held me captive in fear, depression and suppression are released more each day, each week, each month and each year.

I went from lost, trapped, submerged to LIT, free and expanded in connection to my SOUL right living and being. I had some serious layers to clear. I came to BE the alchemy of these layers.

My clients are LIBERATED through my choice to free myself from other people's idea of what is "bullshit". My clients mirror to me the power of believing in my art, my sounds, my investments into my frequencies of BEING.  What makes my family's eye roll is also what I charge thousands of dollars for and change millions of lives. Bless them for their own views, we all love each other and thank goodness I didn't believe their 'bullshit'. LOL

This process of devotion is DAILY and I am here for it - FIVE YEARS IN with Valtopia!!!

All of me comes to our container when we dance together co creating YOUR full vision, embodiment and bliss of being that is very much what you came to be. I tune into your SOUL RIGHT energy and bring YOU into resonance with YOUR OWN elixir through my mystical, magical WEALTH ACTIVATION portraits.

I see you and support your vision, your joy, and have an incredible modality to activate and rebirth your cells, body and being to align to who you truly have already become.

Ask me about the MANY ways I offer, teach and guide my constellation to LIVE FULLY in purpose, passion AND prosperity.

Own your frequency YOU are the miracle!

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