Artists!! Let yourself express yourselves.

My kitchen in Bloomington, IN where I went to college.



Oil on canvas. 🌸

I did a lot of paintings in this old house I lived in. I was devastated when I got to campus my freshman year and all the art classes were already closed. I was so sensitive and couldn’t quite understand what to do about it.

So I took art history, Italian and minored in art and anthropology.  🤓

It kind of pissed me off that I didn’t get to major in art. But because I’d been duly warned not to believe in art as a “viable” career and method of earning my living, I figured the art history and Italian would teach me what I needed to know to get a further career in academics and I’d teach and then be able to paint.

I’ve repeated that pattern a bunch of times.

Let me do this “viable” thing and then I’ll really do the art.

I’ve never NOT worked on my art in some way or another. But I’ve often held it sacred to me and for me, never letting obligation to others become a part of my deep connection there.

During my marriage my food became my art and expression.

And a few times I managed to paint a few canvases while I worked on the movies and took care of my family.

I can’t wait to show you some more pieces and get really tight with sharing new releases and offering them in powerful and creative ways.

Artists!! Let yourself express yourselves. Out in the time to get the technique to express what’s inside of you 🙏💜

Own ya frequency you are the miracle. ⚡️

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