“Nobody” really talks about this BUT I ALWAYS HAVE.
You know why? I EXPERIENCE THIS and I am a master at supporting you through this.
No shame in your game. Only infinite possibilities on the other side of releasing shame, guilt, and other unnamed emotions and beliefs you didn’t realize you were holding onto so tightly nothing could get through.
Have you experienced slowing body and mind freak outs as you uplevel?
I’ve got a secret about the expansion that not everybody is willing to talk about.
I talk about it often but I want to make sure you’re hearing me.
So many encouraging “feel the fear and do it anyway”, and what some don’t realize is for some, the BODY is not allowing the “do it anyway” part.
They may LEAP and move forward with conscious choice, and then the body reacts with sickness, and other forms or contraction, such as gut problems or backaches, or migraines.
The time to recover negatively affects the momentum of the leap and then SHAME AND GUILT kick in.
You did the thing. Now here you are with not the results you were going for, and now you’ve got a setback and delay and you feel like a dumbass.
Now you’re stressed out even more and panic is kicking in. You feel foggy and confused like you can’t think or decide anything. Wtf you’re a savvy boss bitch and this is not gonna work!!
You’re feeling shame because you’re just supposed to DO it and take that leap and then everything goes from there, right?
Well here’s what I’m going to tell you happens to MY clients.
They are SO highly aware and sensitive, and they’ve been denying their own emotional energy system to take care of everyone else for so long, that when they DO try to improve their situation, their ego trips, their body remembers difficulty and trauma and sabotages the growth.
The stress kicks in and automatic responses begin to occur.
No conscious decision will shift this pattern.
Your nervous system must be retrained.
Your sense of identity and perceptions and beliefs must shift.
Your energy fields must be witnessed and attuned to your shift.
Your boundaries and standards must align with your shift.
You must align and calibrate daily again and again to your shift.
Often, clients have huge success and then there is the crash after, and they’re left to their own to heal and recuperate and they feel that setback and don’t know quite how to evolve past it! They can stay at a less than level much longer than necessary, injuring and sickening themselves longer than they should.
This is where we do the work of regenerating your neural pathways, your energy, your mindset and beliefs, and your business and life.
It is a HOLISTIC and intimate shift that must take place, day to day, week to week.
If you have experienced burnout, IBS, anxiety, and sickness as a result of your efforts to expand and shift paradigms in your life and you are ready to change this pattern FOR GOOD, you want to tune in and invest in your nourished well being and energy mastery so you can DECIDE differently and teach your body and soul to align to your divine choices.
This is for you, a highly aware and high-achieving entrepreneur who has all the systems and structures in place but you’re feeling that LAG. You’ve decided to shift this NOW.
You know you need to bring in more creative flow, more foundation based on a healthy and aligned vision and a concept of being that support your wealth, health, and JOY and you need to know HOW and make a return on tour investment. I’ve got you.

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