Fall in love with yourself and learn to fully TRUST


Fall in love with yourself and learn to fully TRUST

—> your inner rich, hot badass, sensual and sexy AF, cosmic rockstar, visionary creative LEADER.

What you want:

🕊Peace within

👸utter self-confidence

📣to speak your truth

What you think you need:

💰more money

👑cooler friends


💼more accomplishments

📿spiritual certification

In order to feel better about yourself so you can THEN speak your truth and live up to your soul standards.

What you’re doing right now:

⭕️looping in your daily routine

🥲showing up like a boss but feeling anxiety

🤯chaos, and overwhelm

🏝 simply not grounding

And it hurts and feels off, and YOU KNOW IT.

You can feel all this limitless extra energy and wisdom from within, but it’s like you don’t have access to it somehow.

It’s not like you’re not showing up and doing the work!!

You feel alone, almost isolated in your journey, even though you may be invested in a coach or mentor.

It’s like …

If only you could relax a little into who you really are.

You do the meditation and yoga, you have the coaches and you’re doing all the things, you’ve been learning and growing into. You hold the belief and you stay the course and you truly commit to and believe and DECIDE and then, fuckit if you don’t book the gig, you don’t sign the new clients, and you feel the gut-wrenching stab of not making your goals. Again.

But you’re a boss bitch, and you are in it for the long haul, and you’re a creative visionary so you pick yourself up and you begin to analyze and second guess, and judge and THINK about where you ARE right now that isn’t where you DESIRE to be.

You keep looking to find solutions to DO and in doing so, you’re literally blocking yourself off from what you WANT so badly. You are not being in the vibration and alignment of your vision and desires, and you don’t know how to.

“Maybe if you just … And why didn’t they … And how am I going to ever …? It’s never going to …”

You just wish someone would track WITH you almost daily while you adjust and shift!!

It is time for you to believe in what isn’t here yet before you can grow into new results.

It is time to get SOUL RIGHT!! What are the pain pints that prevent you from getting what you want?

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