Feeling blissful RESULTS in $$$ and why maybe you don’t fully feel it⚡️

Feeling blissful results in income breakthroughs, next level embodiment, super soul client attraction and magnetizing incredible opportunities, love and adoration.

Yes. The stuff we dream and envision as BLISS is and are those things we may not always WANT to admit and claim, or if we have, somewhere inside of us we might still feel UNWORTHY of what we are indeed called to LIVE AND BE. We can be so SPLIT in our energy we can’t even accept and SPEAK the truth of what we are already FEELING and creating anyhow.

I write this in the energy of bliss as I had surrendered fully to the present moment to BE with my child as he needed help with math. I was delighted to be there with him in the moment.

Also fully loving being present with my 1:1 client on the group video stream that came through, and channeling light language to my telegram community



activating frequencies of shift and evolution that creates WEALTH.

Allowing myself to flow from moment to moment, embodied in my fully grounded present celestial presence and earthly being.

As I’ve tuned in more and more to this 🌈BLISS within me and facilitated it for my people, I make MORE MONEY✅, of course, as I ALLOW myself to receive and expand into it.

All of my dimensional love fully filled out within my own resonant field, and plenty of buffer and clarity between mine and what’s “out there” to overflow and RADIATE sheer light and LIFE. 🚀That is what BLISS feels like in my body and I’ve invested THOUSANDS to clear out and LEARN bliss over my very ingrained and dominant program so as to create and activate it from within my presence and being every day after day after day.

An investment that is beginning to truly “pay off”, now that I AM FEELING WORTHY of my investments, my desires and the integration of my own medicine.

🙏 While bliss may seem a natural feeling to some, 💜 you may have been LOCKED out from your bliss through this life or past lives and your brain literally needs support and activation to know what is the FEELING, so the creation can occur within your own field of energy and being.

In YOUR life!

In doing so, you change the reflection of what your life becomes and IS!


I am here feeling grateful for this wonderful blessing of being and then received notice that there has been a shooting last night.

A few minutes away (there have been SO MANY lately) just near where I LOVE to go to the beach.

I wanted to go yesterday, but I wouldn’t let myself.

It felt so weird, but I knew I shouldn’t go. I was tired, I decided.

And then here yesterday, my intuition was KNOWING that I should go because it felt like soon I won’t be able to, and also right that I didn’t care, and didn’t want to go right now. It didn’t feel good so I followed my guidance.

🤩 That’s the thing about multi-dimensional living.

You are aware of all the timelines on some level, and as you clear away the attachment to anything other than your present moment of being included in the arc of your focused devotion to your being, your creation evolves in the moment. It is always guided. Always in the right time, at the right place.

I am here for a reason.✅

TRUST is absolutely guiding me … and my mind, ego and body are tripping. They are repeating some old patterns and also literally purging these fears up and out of me.

My digestive system is clearing emotions, energy and feeling within me of all the places my old self is screaming at me - WTF YOU DOOINGGGG??

I’ve been through this plenty of times.

The first time I went to live on my own as a teenager away from my family for a year TERRIFIED me, though I acted all tough and KNEW what was on the other side. I’ve evolved and morphed and shape shifted many times through so many challenges since then.

Reinvention, rebirth, cycle of living is JOY and WERK to me.

Just because I BE it doesn’t mean my being doesn’t get funked up severely through the being of it.

👏🏽  It gets more smooth, excellent and amazing all the time, but for those of us who have evolved for some time on the planet and through multiple timelines, our high sensitivity, ability to alchemize through our being, and need to be clear for full divine transmission creates a process that requires radical responsibility to our NOURISHMENT on every level.

THAT in itself IS the lesson for many of us.

🤔 Over and over. Finding deeper and more miraculous ways to thrive ANYWAY ANYHOW.

A HUGE part of our work is finding QUIET to BE and allowing that peace to come and be what we ARE.

No matter where we are.

And then we learn to evolve the WHERE we are to match where we are INSIDE in our thoughts, our words, our divine devotion and desire and impetus.

It is THIS work of embodying the wealth of your gifts of BEING through exceptional LIVING that is the blissful “work” I do.


WHEN you are ready, allow me to guide and activate with you bold LEADER of the new wave of highly sentient and creationary beings that in the old paradigm were “too sensitive, compassionate, and multi talented”.

Our ability to weave in and out through all the dimensions and FEEL to create IS our superpower, and integration, embodiment and —>implementation<—  is KEY.


I am here for all of your expansive self awareness, awakening and alignment to your divine wealth embodiment and YOU can jump in my inbox and begin your Valtopia alchemy and alignment by filling out the application and specifying what level of investment (time and money) you *think* you are prepared for.

We will discuss the options for those aligned to activate in my containers.

I have an ARRAY of offerings for 1:1, group and self guided.

The time to shift into this work is NOW if you:

👁 Feel an URGENCY and great deep desire to “fulfill your true purpose”

👁 Have already begun and explored several healing modalities, run a holistic spiritual business (from $3-15K monthly, ready to invest and do this )

👁 Are a highly aware and powerful integrator, a bridge between the ethereal and “real”, a pioneer in frequency and alchemy.

👁 Perhaps you are highly feelingful, and steeped in compassionate focus, AND you’ve invested and leapt at so many opportunities to shine and share your world changing MOVEMENT through you, but felt a lack of depth and connection and mostly, haven’t fully felt EXPRESSED and understood for ALL of you, the way you FEEL it in your vision -you are ready now to RECEIVE what you FEEL and beyond.

👁 You already have a business strategy, and often have relied too much on what you think will “work” versus the weird and wild woo stuff you WANT to do and be in your business.

⚡️You’ve realized the shift you desire and are ready to LEAP and have training wings with your Shamama Valtopia

There’s more points to connect to your mind, but this transmission and my energy is your sign. The synergy and activation is best FELT and your result of connection to that feeling is BLISS, which is MONEY in my world. Go back and read the title for re-clarification and those RESULTS you desire in your business, life and BEING.

Own your frequency Supernova you are the miracle!

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