For Those Shifting Out of People Pleasing and Formerly Imbalanced Relationship

A message to those shifting out of people pleasing and formerly imbalanced relationship and looking to lead others in mentorship to more integrity and lit holistic living.


Forgive yourself and others for their own perceptions as they shift paradigms and begin to shift into valuing your being (and their own well being) over what you will DO for them or what they think they will DO for you.


Just cuz a bunch a people want to use you and tap into your resource for FREE or differently than YOU desire doesn’t mean you have to or are even aligned to serve or even be with them.


You get to choose what stokes and aligns to your divine mission, purpose and being.


Others will want to pull you this way and that.


You will need to dig deep inside to see where it is a reflection of your own fears or faith in YOURSELF and the surrender to divine connection and support.


You must discern which others are meant to co create at what times and when it is time to shift.


You’ve got to and you get to honor the vessel that houses the magic that streams through you and if you’re not being served into a state of overflow, you are serving nobody. Including yourself, those you love and even the very people claiming and demanding to want something from you.


Express yourself and be yourself and allow those who honor and fully appreciate you to come in closer and those who are looking for gifts and to be “filled up” will either go elsewhere or will come into resonance and presence WITH you.


Own your frequency you are the miracle.

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