From victim to VALTOPIA: My Story

Welcome new fb friends and clients!
If you're new or haven't heard it yet, here is my REBOOT Story:
Just a few years ago, I didnʼt even know anything about my own cosmic gifts and awareness. I didnʼt even know how I felt, thought or even what I really wanted. My TRUE desires had been so far off from the reality I was experiencing, I turned a certain level of them to OFF.
I had followed my heart and passion, time and again. I worked so hard and was very successful!
On the outside, my life looked perfect. I was living ten minutes from the beach, married with two kids, working on oscar winning movies in Hollywood!!
But on the inside I was an anxious and ungrounded ball of confusion, suppression, denial and victim story.
🤦‍♀️ I had gotten myself deeply entrenched in a misaligned career, misaligned relationship and LIFE.
I didnʼt even know about my own gifts and how to take care of myself properly, let alone stand in and speak my truth and live my purpose fully!
I had mild social anxiety for most experiences, for which Iʼd sometimes drink alcohol to feel more relaxed. I often felt like I could see, hear and know a lot about others. Often I was told how perceptive and mature I was.
“How did you know that?”, was often asked of me.
I would take on feelings of others and not even know it!
I was always in a relationship at work or love where someone was 😩controlling, domineering and editing and judging my thoughts and being, to the point I could barely think for myself.
So instead of thinking for and being myself, I escaped in a “victim” experience of being under someone else. It's a common dynamic that when we move through it can shape us so powerfully.
I experienced terrifying, lonely, gut wrenching (literally) years of my life throughout several periods in my life where I abandoned my highest sense and self and checked out to a level of experience that was simply NOT aligned, not blissful and really painful and destructive because I wasnʼt being myself. I was trying to DO the right thing, ignoring my BEING.
On the outside, it may have looked like I was living a successful life.
I never abandoned my commitments, my dreams, my vision fully.
I would just get super sidetracked and feel so lost, all the while I was working SO HARD and was truly desiring to grow and be my best me!
And I had some really thoughtless, unhappy people around me leaking into my sunshiny, ebullient, creative magical star shine self!
It got to where I couldnʼt eat many foods, I barely confided to anyone what was going on, I wasnʼt even painting or feeling like me any more. I complained in my head to myself all the time.
I just didnʼt realize --->I have a lot of extra sensory awareness.
I see, feel, hear, know and understand many things beyond what we are aware of with our five senses.
We all have this capability, and for those of us who are empathic, we FEEL everything deeply and actually this has a deep PURPOSE in our being.
⚡️Until we learn to integrate and activate it into our own flow of life, it can really throw us into lifestyles and habits that harm us rather than heal us.
I had to face my own darkest truths, what wasnʼt right in my life and then face the terrifying process of moving on and into a more aligned and flow based way of life where I am living in my purpose, speaking my truth and sharing and expressing my creative vision daily.
The process was and is not easy, but it gets easier and easier.
🦋 Iʼve gone from not knowing WHAT I would do, to living successfully as a creative entrepreneur, single mama here in Mar Vista, CA with my own thriving business and platform of Valtopia, serving community and clients around the world to expand their creative business through my powerful alchemy, art and transformational gifts and modalities! 🦋
✨I went from having NO idea what to sell, do and be after walking away from my 10 year marriage and my 15 year FX career in Hollywood
--> to selling my one of a kind transformational experiences for thousands of dollars each and raving testimonials of lives changed for the better, year after year, not to mention all the love and gratitude I receive weekly from my community who enjoys the FREE content I express as a free and transformed CREATOR. ✨
I show up DAILY in some way or another to share this message:
YOU are worthy of the dreams and intuition and knowing that is deep inside of you and I KNOW youʼll never give up on yourself or your divine VISION and BEING it YOUR way. You continue to invest in guidance to find a better way, so you know what youʼre doing IS leading you to your deepest self, your most expressed, wealthy, healthy, abundant and creative LIFE and business.
You CAN find a better way to FEEL, BE and LIVE your life and I LOVE to support you to BE it.
Thank you for joining me here and for taking into deep consideration my powerful and life changing experiences.
Love your frequency YOU are the miracle!
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