GREETINGS! Allow me to introduce myself again and I’d love to hear yours below!

I am Val Cripps and my mission is to empower creative business leaders to fully embody their missions and spread a ripple wave of positive transformation through divine love and alchemy throughout the universe!

I am certified in several healing modalities and now have my own method of alchemy and energy transmissions, through my art, light language, and unique healing and activations.

I support highly sensitive boss queens who have a successful business that are experiencing income lulls or lags due to BODY emotions and energy. This is the vibes that cause a feeling of FOG, confusion, sickness or resistance to mute and cover your own inspired TAKE CHARGE AND DECIDE action.

I've been through the ebb and flow of my own split energy as I regenerated from messed up timelines and misaligned relationships.

I’ve transformed over these five years live and shared so much of my journey, love and gifts on social media and through the many creative expansions I facilitate through my platform.

I’m a single mom to two boys, 11 and 8, and a chbeagle puppy King Boss. I am creating tighter and better boundaries all the time for my ex. It’s been a journey. I am a classically trained musician but love the FUNK and anything with SOUL to it. I sing and dance and create a SINGLE monthly that I DROP for my private paid community. I am gluten and mostly dairy free, and drink my purium daily! I love my Healy and anything to do with frequencies and QUANTUM creation. I identify deeply with LEMURIAN rainbow frequencies, Pledeians and love arcturian vibrations, and all things multidimensional.

I am dating. I love deeply and am learning to be myself fully as I immerse into loving. I enjoy my time alone :).

I love to paint, draw and create and even though I’m quite entertaining and love the spotlight, I’m actually quite a hermit introvert. I’m a 6/2 in my human design, which is the role model/HERMIT.

I am a former nice girl with a rebel streak that is now an embodied evolutionary with a grounded and activated divine presence! This journey is one I share deeply and intimately with my clients and community, VALTOPIA!

Many of us are experiencing a certain level of trauma in our energy body that keeps us from expanding into our highest levels of leadership and impact. Often, we are hanging on somewhere without knowing it and my gift is unearthing and regenerating the deepest hidden attachments and entanglements into divine flow.

I LOVE the work that I do because I am liberating powerful women and men who liberate SO MANY when they be themselves and GLOW UP.

Thanks for joining me I look forward to getting to know more of you!

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