I call it Valtopia soul portrait modality.

Storm passing through.

Sipping hot tea.

Enjoying my family cozy. My kids are cuddled up with my puppy and my dad and uncle are playing pool.

Connecting with the incredibly luminous and world changing LEADERS who jumped at my new offer in the ultra early bird phase and scored an hour of SELFIE MAGIC with me!!

You know those amazing portraits I do? That everybody wants one and I don’t just crank them out?

I really wanted to respond to all the inquiries in a way that aligns to me as the channel and alchemist.

Each one evolves over time and a lot happens in an hour of me tuning into you, your energy, your biosphere with the Healy, and my Valtopiasphere posse of spirit guides

Not only are you activated with power “reiki”, but your chakras align and expand, your clairs open, and YOUR spirit guides and YOU come through.

I call it Valtopia soul portrait modality. ⚡️

It’s a powerful mode of alchemy and activation, rebirthing your cels and being each time you look at it, not to mention what is activated in your community as they are lit up by your soul essence and shine. And the. The results of your shift into self trust and love to fully accept the integrity of your being all the way to soul right?

Hot dayum if I don’t love to support you to come into that resonance. 💜🙏

I can’t wait to dive into these portraits, I can’t wait to invite more of you into this space as it evolves and I feel fucking totally blessed with my gifts, my passion and curating and stewarding the wakey wave movement and experience that is VALTOPIA!!


Own your frequency you are the miracle.

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