Let’s get real about trust and surrender here.

Here is my son getting into the piano!

First thing he woke up and started practicing Fur Elise! 🎶

We have a keyboard in my place in LA but he never really got into it. They both played with an electric keyboard we have, but never the Rhodes, really.

It’s been so interesting to see what happens to all of us as we unwind from the road trip, getting used to being here, getting to be together EVERY DAY!!! I’ve not had this opportunity this much time together with my kids OR my parents since the divorce!

Coming away from the months cooped up in my apartment during lockdown, I see how the change in our lives, with the kids being home and I stopped going to the gym, running and playing outside, we were starting to get into a weird rut, that wasn’t apparent while we were in the middle of it!

When the Healy arrived in June, that’s when I started detoxing like crazy. By the time I got to the desert, and had those weeks to myself, I really implemented it and maaaaan did I have some shedding to do.

The usual energy flow I had gotten to at the start of the year slowly disrupted and stalled from mid February, when my son was suddenly home with sickness for about two weeks BEFORE lockdown started. My clients had devastating events themselves not to mention the shift that came with the beginning of the lockdown.

Little by little I slipped out of resonance and into a familiar state of spinning.

The various events leading up to by the time I left Los Angeles  found myself in a state of PTSD.

I felt sort of foggy and tired, not to mention the exhaustion, physical pain and sheer lag that was coming with my menopause periods every two fuckin weeks honay. Hormonal rollercoaster that thankfully isn’t too cray, because I eat superfoods, take amazing supplements, don’t really drink or eat much crap etc.

I showed up as much as I could but I just had to let go.

👊🏽Long story short, I SURRENDERED.

When some events occurred in my business that shocked and truly upset me to the core, I pivoted instantly. Making the changes necessary and keeping in the best of integrity to the clients and soul family I care deeply about. I love you I’m sorry please forgive me thank you. 🙏

💫I had to recover from the emotional rupture that created and allowed the lesson of redirection from boss bitch to queen shamama.

👆The boss bitch turned out to have a layer of SHALLOW BULLSHIT I’m not up for and will not represent or promote.

There is a depth to the boss bitch that is so good and I learned so much, and yet I ignored my intuition on some of it and this was a coming into wholeness with it.

💫I had to let go of the income I thought I’d be creating through my business and take care of my kids. Then my ex suddenly needed more time to prepare for their big vacation and navigate his job loss. No baby sitters to call to watch the boys. I have no family in Los Angeles and hello LOCKDOWN. No pals to hang with even if I really had any family friendly pals lol.

Hours I usually spent healing myself and doing the inner work and then creating results in my business were suddenly not there for me. I had to let go and TRUST.

💫I had to let go of being connected to friends who weren’t so “friendly”. I had to really take a look at what I was allowing for myself.

💫I had to let go and dip into the resources that did suddenly become available, dipping again into my future savings to establish a kickass foundation within myself and for my business and kids NOW. #grateful

I had to trust this is the perfect thing to do and back myself.

💫I did the dance of LEAPING in inspired action (leaving town I packed up a car intending not to come back any time soon. I rushed and had to clean my entire place and pack up in about 24 hours.)

💫Then I had to trust as my body became a bloated sleepy regenerative hawt mess as I shed those layers and allowed myself to morph and evolve into a new me.

🌟I dove deep into my portraits and art work and SURRENDERED.

🤯And wouldn’t you know I had more inquiries than ever?

For what I truly love to dive into? 🙌🏼🔥

🤪And after I surrendered even more when I got here and had a full body delirious pustule reaction to poison ivy AND my period again... I mean CMON!!

🙏I let go and continued to follow the divine messages that come through daily, connect on with what is aligned and show up in ways that align to who I AM.



And in a flash this weekend, on 8/8/2020, my ideas came flooding in and within hours I whipped up my own sales page, graphics and invitation. Before the weekend was over I had booked in THREE beautiful queens and I’m thrilled by the creative expansive container I’m birthing that allows me to access MANY with a 1:1 feel, allowing the energy of the Valtopiasphere to be a support and activation at a monthly investment that is EASY and you’ll totally get ROI in your business AND life.

It’s early bird and if you know anything about me, don’t be a dumbass and miss out on my early birds. 😁

My creative self likes less pressure and total creative divine freedom as I begin a thang and then I way over deliver and adjust. It’s the time to join honay.

It is an EASY and magical way for me to love you, witness you and guide you that will illuminate and expand your soul right embodiment joy and bliss through my energy, my spirit team, my expertise, my unique method and modality.

Im here for the good stuff with you, and usually that involves taking account of ALL of you.

This alchemy, art and frequencies and my unique method of intuitive creative healing and coaching is 🔥LIT🎉

🐉💥Nobody does it quite like me and those of you drawn to me blossom to your own magic, trust and surrender when you say YES to the call. 🦋

⚡️I am calling you in, oracle, messenger, medicine woman, healer, starseed, that already has invested in your business and know your passion and purpose to share and you are ready to truly absorb and embody all the work you truly are and have been!!

I’ve invested thousands of hours and dollars to share very fully and powerfully what has and hasn’t worked, not to mention my miraculous gifts. I am here for those of you ready to ROCK YOUR COSMIC BIZ.

I have offerings from free to low cost to mid range to full GO.

SURRENDER and trust the pause and pivot of a good redirection and if ever there was one, it’s 2020!!

Book in, sign up, reach out, order yours!!

Own your frequency you are the miracle!!

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