Love is the Answer, honay

Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. And Love.

You can be broke AF, in the middle of the worst disaster, shitting yourself with fear AND glow the fuck up and rebirth like a Supernova Phoenix rockstar love bomb.

Of course, dahling.

It’s what we do.

Each burning lesson has forged a deeper cut, more clearly resonant in light and transmission.

Those of you ready to rebirth into glow the fuck up?


Welcome to the Valtopiasphere.

I am welcoming stunning high level, inspired AF, generous COSMIC ROCKSTAR BALLERS to my feed daily! I am in awe and respect and also OF COURSE!! energy welcoming you into this space and my feed.

I take my stream and platform with gratitude and reverence. I honor what comes through me in focus and devotion as the energy and effect of the energy and I see you do too.


We resonate clearly when we tap into the deep genius within us that allows MAGIC to happen daily. Our breath is miraculous and so is our incredible ability to create our own realities through so much CHOICE between inspired action and deep surrender.

That shit can get real fucked up in the middle of each round, yo.


So I invite you to invest in your health, wealth awareness, and love. Love yourself and others as you feel awkward and goofy and stretch.

Stretch far beyond because you are vast, infinite and holy. Completely whole. So deliciously whole right here and right now!!


My clients are miraculously shifting into deep levels of timeline collapses.

They see the fear, they feel the wounds of the past AND they evolve though and beyond it rapidily and fully and radically responsible for their own creative ability to take inspired action and surrender deeply to the faith - SHEER FAITH - of what is already here in your deepest desires, other dimensions and you are bringing into reality BY BEING IT ALL THE WAY.

I am delighted to be signing in new clients and receiving multiple applications daily. I am considering each of you and only choosing fully aligned and expansive co creations where our impact TOGETHER is huge because we are fully immersed into our collective GENIUS. Taking inspired action, and relaxing and surrendering into genius FLOW.

OVERFLOW and create like a Bo$$
Apply to work with me 1:1 spots will fill soon. 💜⚡️💪💰🥂👊

Own your frequency supernova! There’s nobody like you.

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