Morning magic, and self magic will change the world.

Morning magic, and self magic will change the world. Through you!

Bike ride to the beach. Push-ups. Sit-ups. Jump on the trampoline and daaaaance.

Listen to activating and clearing audio clearing all of my auric field, light bodies, grounding and connecting to my highest energy and my soul mates.

Pump my quantum healing device according to the specifications SHE tells me. Yeasss.

Green shake.

Probiotics and gut mind healing supplements. Hey. I’ve been through shit for years. Lots of awesome regeneration to invite in. It’s here.

Any or all of these things have at times been a pain to do or felt weird or I wasn’t into it yet and didn’t implement it or I got distracted and forgot to.

When I choose old patterns of survival to soothe and comfort what is out of balance, I tend to get MORE out of balance.

Our mind wants us to return to the cozy dopamine treats we know to help us to “feel” normal but what we are being invited into is to actually FEEL what’s there that doesn’t feel good!! It’s there to guide us to what IS.

So move that energy, keep your shit tight as you can and keep rolling. Every day is a new day and all energy can be reboosted into FRESH MOMENTUM.

Turn off the box. Whatever box it is that got you feeling like you “can’t” or you’re “stuck” in something weird or off. We are all feeling that way and if you’re in my crew chances are IT IS IN THE COLLECTIVE not just you so shake it off, get it out and feel the depth of what IS there for you. ⚡️⚡️⚡️

And I know. It’s not that easy. For some of us that is a Herculean task of fuck no that our ADD traumatized self will scurry like a squirrel to do ANYTHING but face that thing.

Choose today to find a way to face that thing. Whether it’s just actually deciding you can, or getting help with it in a book, an audio, a person, a mentor, some music, new breath work, a different food, eliminate a food. It’s going to be tailored to YOU. So spend some time with you and feel.

You were indeed born to feel and the process that feeling and BE something about it.

Let’s get into the being and let’s choose BLISS CREATION HONAY.

Love your frequency you’re the miracle. 💜

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