My Little Doggie - KBoss!

I know. It’s gross. He sniffs poop. But I love my little doggie so much.

Did you know he turned up in my soul portrait?

KBoss has been a huge shift for me over the last year. I’m not afraid of dogs any more! (I got bitten when I was five and never had one until now).

I get dog people now! Hay honay!  (I always love cats)

I CHILL when I walk my doggie and when he comes and asks me to haaaaang with him. It’s similar to how my kids have shifted me over and over in the best way!

SO MUCH HAS CHANGED and in such a good way, even though the shifts have been some heavy lifting.

Have you stopped to take note how much has aligned for you especially through all of this wild times of 2020 here to shift and align us to our awakened selves?

For those of you in my constellation I see you lighting the fuck up. The valtopia wakey wave is in effect and on divine timing honay. I feel you. 🙌🏼💜

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