No longer gripped in fear 🙏


This used to be me.  🙈 See all that red flush?

I was in a high state of reaction within my body and life and it showed up daily as red and inflamed on my neck and chest.


It was itchy and hot.


This usually came after being particularly upset.

😣 I was so cut off from my own body awareness, feelings and needs, my body had to scream at me to get my attention.

It’s an evolving journey and I’ve come a long way. 


I am no longer gripped in fear of potential disruption to my inner peace by my daily life at home. 

It doesn't mean I don't face danger or have to deal with real life! It means I am able to regulate my INTERNAL landscape and how I respond but also INTEND AND CHOOSE my moments!

It changes EVERYTHING and it takes everything to fully evolve and change with your magic self.


🙏 it wasn’t easy and I had to really decide again and again to tune into my own sense of peace and joy.


I learn more each day to convert that old pain into powerful profits and trust that comes from passionate and purpose filled days.


I am still evolving beyond the choices and circumstances I found myself living only a few years ago. The mind body and spirit shifts in layers and cycles. I've invested in powerful training, certifications, guides, masterminds, communities and evolved and learned everything about expansion - I LOVE IT!

Even and especially the gnarliest bits that provide the BEST growth!! I believe in US and our infinite capability to know our own selves.


My specialty and expertise comes from living it and then guiding others far beyond it as well. Each year I find myself being called to greater depth with how I do serve and ignite in these divine gifts.


I am a pioneer in the methods I’ve chosen to follow my dreams, regenerate my body mind and spirit and reboot my life to show up fully in service, passion and purpose.


I’ll tell you more about my journey next time and share some super lit and abundant frequencies that I programmed into my quantum device that can support the feeling of confidence, magnetism and peaceful resonance. Come join us in Valtopia, our online community of evolutionary creative BLISS leaders.


I’m creating some magical new content and offers that include some of my incredibly LIT tools and methods of self discovery, health and wealth recalibration. My specialty is illuminated and rapid methods of shift for the aligned clients.


There is a PROMO happening RIGHT NOW (FEB 2021) for the quantum device I love so much - it's a life changer! 


Reach out  to find out more and check out the links below.


Love your frequency you’re the miracle! ⚡️

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