Pop your New Earth cherry and fully commit and activate!

Pop your New Earth cherry and fully commit to and activate to your higher level multi dimensional MOGUL/MAGNATE.
LET THIS SOLAR PLEXUS SAFTEY activation stimulate your inner confidence and commitment!

Experience yourself fully attuned and very much alive in your 5D aligned and ascended SOULGASM self, honay!
Stop trying to bleed a turnip and accept the shift in the energy, in yourself, in the wold and the cosmos and BE the change fully.
Uncertainty, chaos, wild and turbulent shifts in the collective can lead the self to be so triggered and powerfully awakened in the body.
Depending on how OPEN we are to go with the flow of the cosmos AND our individual blueprints and code activations WE came to live and fully BE exactly with this divine support.
To trust your intuition and knowing beyond what's externally happening to powerfully creating from within requires a FRESH START!
Your old soul team and crew is taking rest and releasing bonds and attachments and your new guides are more elevated, blissful and expansive. Let us release the pain of the past through choosing a clean slate within.
This divine crew is now and always has been right there with us.
In this coming full moon, as we roll into Aquarius, lead with the sword of reason, not the weapon of fear.
Think for yourself, attune to your dreams.
Proclaim it loudly! I THINK FOR MYSELF!
What doubt, confusion or indecision could possibly keep you from aligning your reason with your intuition?
Clear and decide, take inspired action and tune into your dreams.
What do your dreams tell you about your feelings?
Believe in and TRUST yourself. Love yourself.
Trust and open up your channel to allow in the new earth through your deepest transformation and integrated feelings.
Trust your sensitivity and the connection guiding you.
Like the hermit, walking as light in the darkness, who can turn STONES into GOLD, the light we can find in the dark center of our souls is GOLD!!
Your inner light is all you need to see in the darkness and will require a NEW approach and flow of the energy.
See that you are your fears and within them lies your SECRET POWER!!
Love your frequency you are the miracle.

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