Welcome to the Valtopiasphere ❤

Today's message is about INNER UNITY and the journey within to integrate all of our parts and pieces, and to embody the full remembrance of what we have already been and are.

--> My experience to staying the course to FEELING AND BEING WHOLE has shown me the key to this journey is tenacity, veracity and resilience!

The more you can lean into the BEINGness and  align the life you experience to reflect the LIVING you choose day after day, week after week, year after year, the more you are able to FEEL and create blissful, abundant and peaceful results IN YOUR OWN IMAGINATION, BODY AND BEING first.

You will remember the fear, and the mind will protect you. WE get to remember the FAITH of what's on the other side of that contrast.

--> And the one consistency in that flow is CHOICE.<--

Choice to change, evolve and FLOW with life itself. Life on the planet, life in your heart, life in the ground, in the sky, in the living beings WE ARE.

Our imagination does create the energy that allows our very experience.

Our focus into eternity is every moment we BE fully present with our ability to choose WITHIN and create our without.

-->> And this is where I offer a solution to this ability to CHOOSE, because rinse and repeat can get funky for a human and a cosmic being. <--

We have LIMITLESS possibilities and our mind wants to pull us back down into probabilities.

We have endless ways to rise up and grow, and we will often stay capped at little to no growth, without realizing it, feeling ourselves squashed into containers of being that do not work for us!


The Valtopiasphere offers MYRIAD (MANY HONAY) many ways to truly embody the many techniques of self care and help you've learned in your journey.

So many of us invest so much time and money only to feel disappointed in the surface level results, or fantastic results that simply don't hold up because somewhere we haven't fully integrated what we have learned!


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