This shamama nourishes her ebb to master my flow


I don’t know what’s happening here with my “look” 😆  but I am super stoked to spend the day with my little dudes and I got this nifty headset today and the sound is GREAT. I did a live stream walking around the block and the audio was so good. This is great because right now, that’s my scene. Walking around the block with me dog and channeling light language and awesome audio drops that activate next level frequencies and awakening within you.

We get hit with so many vibes, and we can get easily distracted these days with school at home and life so different than only a few months ago. We are being guided to a deep level of self mastery to ignite the shift TOGETHER and the stuff I’m channeling and guiding my incredibly lit and powerful clients to is absolutely shifting the collective we choose to be within our own BEING.

A safe container that enables your freedom within and expression without in a way that allows you time to discern YOU from your obligations, guilt, shame, programming and conditioning to enable BLISS CREATION, WEALTH ACTIVATION and reminds you how to fully nourish your ebb to master your flow and own your frequency like the true miracle that you are.

I am so delighted and thrilled by my current posse of shamamas I am blessed to guide 1:1 AND group AND my FREE collective movement of change makers, way showers and new earth creationary paradigm shifters.

I’m pumped to welcome several of you about to book in for your super power remember your divine passion and wealth embodiment training and activation. Apply today to get those coveted 1:1 spots I only have very few at a time.

This shamama nourishes her ebb to master my flow 🙌🏼 surf’s up!


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