Welcome to all of my new followers Valtopia!

Where in the world are you from and what do you share and light up in the world with your being? Tell us about you.

I am a powerful energy guide and mindset transformational ARTIST. My energy and frequency and being IS my medicine! I was born to live through difficult and trying circumstances and have evolved through and beyond deep personal pain into powerful magical REBIRTH of mind, body and being, again and again.

Life is for living, and often, the most sensitive and wounded can hold the most magical and mysterious power. Getting to know yourself is GOLD, and most of us don't know how to, and run from ourselves at all cost. Especially those of us who have invested thousands of dollars and hours to heal, expand and evolve beyond our own trauma and difficulties in life.

My clients come to me when their amazing business is in a holding pattern, or a plateau and you realize all the investment isn't quite registering the way you thought. My clients are drawn to my art, music, energy and being, and when you are in co creation with me, my energy supports you where yours has been wounded, thwarted or suppressed.

Together we unlock what has kept you from the DEPTH of your own knowing and being, and in a short and rapid experience, you remember who you are, how you truly feel and WHY. The clarity and connection now allows you to truly absorb and embody what eluded you before, and suddenly inspiration comes in, you magnetize soul relationships and you take the inspired action that previously felt like you were doing doing doing, and not getting any results!!

I learned all of this over a lifetime AND I have invested heavily to overcome my own blind spots, limitations and deeply embedded programming and conditioning. Still layering off more all the time.

I am thrilled to have developed this platform and delighted and fulfilled by each and every client activation. I am living in my purpose and feeling the arc of connection to impulses and desires I began following a long, long time ago.

Let my long journey shorten yours.

Take a look at my client success stories, watch my YEARS of live stream videos as I evolve through and beyond the trauma in my mind and heart, and evolve WITH me when you decide to book in for YOUR rapid and deep evolution, tapping into my many years of experience, expertise and ENTHUSIASM for YOU, highly aware and world changing leader of the new paradigm!!

Tell me about YOU!!

Welcome  to Valtopia! Own your frequency - you are the miracle!!

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