WHAT are your needle movers for YOU?


Perhaps you feel and know these but can’t admit it because it doesn’t align with programming or conventional wisdom buried within you.

Your BEING with what really matters to you, even if you *think* it doesn’t PAY THE BILLS, or fix your to do list is GOLD. Your “reasons” why you can’t do and be these things will limit you as long as YOU let it.

THIS is the “excuses” some coaches talk about that keep us from ourselves. These paradigms are tricky to bust and the ego will hang on to all the reasons why you CAN’T and it’s not safe and such. And it’s not going to be for you what it is for someone else!

Over the last few years I straddled building my business and regenerating my own being AND being a good mama.

Lately, because of lockdown and no school, things have shifted tremendously.

I’ve been BEING with my boys.

The results are so GREAT.


They’re helping me more and more without me asking.

They share their feelings and true self and evolve so much each day.

I know that ONE part of why I didn’t scale rapidly over the last few years the way my ego, the world, society, wanted me to (cuz it seemed like the way to go!), is because I was hurting and so were my boys.

It has taken time for us to uncoil from a tight situation.

We were traumatized what we went through and it has taken time for our bodies and being to slowly shift out of some really bad habits, some primal fear responses and to shed many beliefs I’d had instilled since forever.

I don’t have it all perfect by any means, but I feel so grateful about where we are and I’ve seen this shift implemented when my clients discover access to their own true needs and desires without judgement, releasing shame and allowing awkward growth and change.

I pulled myself up and out of a really dark place time and again to rise up each day into my highest calling. My beliefs and experience wanted to tell me I was an idiot for believing what I have indeed allowed and focused into. So did people around me

Even people I hired sometimes couldn’t fully understand the expanse of what DIVINE vision is inside of me. I did it anyway and have since I was a kid!!

First and foremost to me, is that I’m shaping these guys by taking my responsibilities to myself AND them deeply. And if mama ain’t happy nobody is gonna be happy, and this one of the splits I’ve felt so much in these five years of transition to who I am today.

Who am I today?

A woman who honors her deeply sensitive being, understands how to pause in self mastery and not respond to what comes my way, but to own and process what I have created through my choice, through my words, through my being and feels lit up by my ability to connect divinely to LOVE and allow that love to come through me, guide me and radiate and illuminate my life. Everything else comes from THAT.

My boys are to be powerful leaders in their own life first. They clean up and support me (after much work and guidance hey), they feel their emotions and then move through them and then apologize and shift THROUGH their guidance. They feel important in what comes through them and choose their activities to know who they are BECOMING in the daily actions and choices they BE.

The old stories that didn’t resonate with me and hurt me so, I get to discard and evolve beyond through BEING the person I am guided to.

I feel so blessed I don’t give up.

I feel so grateful to teachers and mystics and leaders who showed up for themselves and their kids so that I do for mine.

One day at a time I grow to be more embodied in focus and clarity and divine creative expression that allows not only my family to shift but many many many far beyond my immediate awareness experience the ripple effect of me owning my frequency, learning to love and witness more and more of my own self each day allowing what I was born to be to come to fruition.

I pushed and paused to be in this place. Sometimes I went way too hard in an effort to “save” us and be the responsible care taker. My body and life has rejected anything other than divine surrender, and I’ve received sources of money at times I had no idea it was coming, when I thought all was lost and I felt shame, but I’d already leapt and folllowed the energy.

It’s not a straight line. And nobody else’s journey is yours.

This IS what we are being guided to with everything that’s been happening these few years. To love and honor our frequency and fully BE it in compassion, curiosity and divine CREATION!

So ... what desires and delights you WANT that feel BEYOND or too much or within LIMITS are truly part of your being that in this moment you are bringing into focus and devotion in this time??

Let us support and allow your expansion and BREATH OF BEING!

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