What you FEEL opens you up to financial FREEDOM!

Celebrating my first 10k month through Valtopia biz!!!


Part of me is uncomfortable sharing financials so please celebrate with me my dreams coming true. Especially if you’ve been in this journey with me these few years!

To work with high level leaders who help others and who invest in their own highest leadership doing creative cosmic healing and activation with me is absolutely my dream job. I sing, tone, paint, preach, light language, send frequencies, guide and lead my clients daily through deep and powerful generational healing and cosmic business activation.


I rock at what I do and my clients are BALLERS and amazing rockstars themselves!

What a blessing!!!!(and a shit ton of focus and devotion)

Me and the KBoss and my youngest are all home today laying low.

KBoss is pretty stoked mommy is laying in the couch for a change 😄.

I’m so grateful for each day of freedom I experience in my now.

I remember desperately wishing I had a couple days off so I could sort out my life and get it together. I was always working or studying or busy “doing” towards my freedom. Those days felt like salvation. I was so like a rat on a treadmill running from thing to thing and there felt no way out.

Freedom to me felt like free time to create and just be. Not this “life” of never fully being and only always doing shit to get to a place where I could eventually BE after I got all my shit “done”.

The kind of freedom where you lie there just looking at the sky. Maybe you’re in a hammock. The warm sun lingering over your stretched and relaxed limbs.

Freedom is indeed those moments and to me it is days like today when my ex husband can’t stay home with my little for a sick day and I can. I can’t always and I have had to define boundaries in our co parenting relationship to assure our fifty percent custody is fair and I run my business AND my kids get to feel safe and cared for.

There have been days when the kids had to be in the middle of where that boundary gets defined so we could grow into the future of my business and our needs. I didn’t falter in holding to my vision for short term demands.

I had to stand up for my vision and my dream of being the kind of mom that IS able to stay home and let my baby rest when he has a fever. I did so as calmly and compassionately as I could and we have a good system going now. In the moment there were building blocks and decisions that led to where we are now.

Because trust me I know it ain’t easy to define and HOLD to that dream and allow it in. If you’ve come from the real cubicle life and immigrant family and depression era family you better know there’s some deep programming that has limited my own concepts of what I thought I could or couldn’t be and do.

So much shame and guilt and fear and obligation!!!

And that includes believing that I’m allowed to serve in my full genius capacity, support my clients to their most rich and rewarding lives as they do the same for their clients and families.

Most of the brilliant healers and gifted guides are not showing up to full capacity.

It’s not because they aren’t gifted enough, but because the program is still running in their bodies that they are not allowed to. The program is so strong you’re still embodying it!!

You believe deep inside of you you’re not allowed to because

It’s crazy
You’ll hurt somebody
You can’t have love AND money
You shouldn’t show off and show up so full
You might die or lose everything
Insert the program here ...

I’ve got news for you.

You will die.
You may lose everything and losing everything will probably not be when you die or why you die. 😁

There’s so much drama buried within us that can be converted into love, bliss and creation.

It’s not easy and yet for those of you who are so gifted and on lock down because the program still has a grip on you, it’s vital and everything for you.

Releasing and regenerating the program frees you up to focus your thoughts, mind and being on your vision and dreams.

You know. The one the program says you can’t have??

Like the one I had that said I can’t make thousands of dollars and also be peaceful, calm, safe and in love with my life and get to stay home with my baby when he’s sick.

I get to. And take care of my clients and self.

Today I get to because I believed I could and stayed the course to the point that I am.

And you do too boss.

We get to define our new world and life when we do the work of regenerating the program within us.

Are you ready to run the program called


Where you are supported and receive everything you ever asked for because you no longer believe you can’t and won’t.

Where you feel the bliss of the universe from within and know that you are an endless source of creation and love and you don’t get triggered by the same old things.

Where you feel the rapid shift into consistently powerful and forward moving energies, flowing into timelines that reflect your clear and positive beliefs.

You do get to have everything you ever desired and you get to begin the journey of shifting into what that is for you right now.

Own your frequency supernova. There’s nobody like you.


Want to know where the program is running in your body and how it’s affecting the bottom line in your freedom business?

Let’s get to it.

Apply if not 1:1 reply to me in the email. I have amazing materials for self guided study that will unlock you from the guilt, shame and fear program and bring you into focused devotion towards tour dreams and vision.

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