You know. You do know.

You know.

You do know.

Just because you’re in a tight squeeze doesn’t mean you sacrifice yourself and your integrity to GET something. Learn to GET yourself!

You also don’t give up because you’re feeling overwhelmed and less than your full self but fucking honor yourself.

Don’t buy into shaming as a means to lift yourself up. It’s an endless loop of dissatisfaction where you’re hooked into the shamer as your savior.

That’s bunk AF HONAY.

YOU and your divine guidance are the something you’re looking to BE.

There’s a longer term effect to your creation of being than these temporary results you so think you need right now. Choose wisely. Choose your soul right flow and inspiration. Honor your BODY mind AND being.

All together.

Find guides who illuminate and shine in love, compassion AND powerful creation and make damn sure their stream brings you back to YOUR creation.

Not just because they have results that seem appealing do you follow their lead.

Are you actually coming up too or are you just paying your boss bitch’s bills? Get it straight yo. Be wise and savvy and pay attention.

I’ve paid the cost to be a “boss” and it can take you down if you don’t align to your soul right vibration and way of being. It very well won’t look like anything going on right now. That’s the very definition of a new paradigm.

Do you have the wisdom and divine guidance to stay through to YOUR divine truth? Or are you on someone else’s bandwagon of fear?

Listen and pay attention. Don’t get stuck in your own belief systems but don’t get caught up in someone else’s flight to THEIR top while you neglect yours trying to keep up with some joneses.


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