YOUR REBIRTH: Beyond the Pain to Your Inner Power



Your breakthrough comes when you detach your self worth from a stale old identity that no longer serves you or your vision. When we've grown through trauma and learned what we need to, we can be conditioned to accept LIMITATION as the NORM!


BUT Those identity shifts can be tricky because your mind wants to think that's YOU. That old loop is NOT you, and the pain you fear experiencing to shift out of the loop has become so tasty and familiar you aren't allowing what is BEYOND the pain.


Once you decide you're no longer available for anything less than your VISION and calling, you are NOT available for the loop and you will BE whatever you need to BE to SHIFT!!


Know when to cut the cords to your own self imposed PRISON - the time to level up is TODAY!


A good massage works that tissue and the ecstasy upon release is awakening - the same is true for your own cellular awareness and being.


Give yourself the chance of a life time - your own self trust, awareness and depth of focus to own your frequency and. be the. miracle that you truly are. 


BOOK IN HONAY - THE GLOWUP is on today for one Valtopia client - stay tuned for more portraits and powerful LEVELUPS and life loving shifts that ripple change throughout the UNIVERSE

Your spot is here, cosmic leader leveling up to the next higher container for YOUR boss visionary leaders YOU are activating. Apply on for 1:1 immersion to examine and expand your own JOY, BLISS, ABUNDANCE muscle and facility within yourself. Your leadership is coming together into a cohesive and powerful movement and this experience is here to build a foundation to BIRTH it!

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