Client Love Drops! (Testimonials)


I am a Bold Ruler. 
I am a leader.
I am divinely guided.
I am a change agent. 
I am a learner.
I am an activator. 
I am making my ‪#‎EpicShit‬ come to life. 

It's not always easy. 
Some days are better than others, but I don't give up. 
I keep up the hustle. 
I keep moving forward. 


Because I BELIEVE in me. 
I believe in my dream. 
I believe that I can DO and have whatever I want in my life.
I trust that people NEEEEEEEEEEEED my WAHOO energy, my empowering messages and my unwavering support of shunning mediocrity. 

I'm owning my badass like a boss and shining my light out into the world. 

BUT...even though I believe all of the stuff I just wrote, I get blocked.
We ALL get blocked.

But, it's a matter of what you do about it once you have the realization that shit has gone astray. 

Over the past few weeks of craziness that has been my life, I needed some major shifts to go down. 

So, I acted. 
I asked the amazing Val Cripps to guide me. 
She's a master energy shifter and supporter of expansion. 

And now, after working with her I'm feeling bolder, more connected to my feminine rockstar mojo, and more confident that I CAN do and receive amazing things...NOW.

It's amazing how working with powerhouse leaders can shake shit up and explode your potential. can't do epic shit alone and you can't do it with basic people. I'm so blessed that I have so many rockstars surrounding and support me.

Is it time that you up-level the people who YOU are leaning into for support? Do you need to have a powerful breakthrough? What are you going to do about it?

I'm here to help...and Val is too! 

She's got an amazing "activation session" offer going on right now. 
She works with women who have achieved great success and leadership in their lives. They are moving up another level in their career or life experience, and though they may be quite self guided, making that transition is always challenging. Interested in learning more? Hit her up on a PM

The world is yours. Own YOUR badass and help me to bring more love and leadership into this world. 

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